By blending Telecom and IT Services into our portfolio, we make the process of analyzing, buying, implementing, and managing technology services easier.

Exceptional support. Long-term stability.

Exceptional support. Long-term stability.

A Network of Experts

Bridgepointe Technologies partners with agents like you to deliver exceptional service and trusted expertise to your customers.

As a partner of Bridgepointe Technologies, you’re supported by supplier programs, commissions, pre and post sales assistance, executive-level input, and much more.

By offering exceptional support, competitive commissions, and long-term stability, we attract many of the industry’s top-producing agents. Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

  • A portfolio of over 60 solution providers with high commission payouts and strong contract protection
  • Support on selecting the right provider for the customers solution and ensuring the necessary resources from those providers are engaged to assist
  • Complex deal support
  • Pricing and Service availability support
  • Marketing strategies that focus on leveraging the strengths of the providers within the BPT portfolio
  • Cloud engineering support
  • Promote introductions to other agents within the BPT eco-system to stimulate partnering and mutually beneficial relationships
  • Technology education and training
  • Management of order provisioning process with the solutions providers to ensure your customers are happy and commissions are paid as orders complete
  • On-time commission payments via direct deposit
  • Escalation support and assistance with all of the providers in the portfolio

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Agent FAQs

Why is this important to my business?

Our insider expertise means that we are up-to-date on new innovations and can find the best supplier at the most cost-effective rate—so you don’t have to deal with paperwork, forms, and time-consuming research on your own.

What support services do you offer?

Our house staff has deep experience in the industry and can provide assistance and support to our partner agents.  Sales partners can depend on our established and reliable infrastructure — with little staff turnover.  Bridgepointe continuously communicates with our Supplier Partners to keep updated on the latest products and services, agent incentive programs, and to schedule continuing education seminars.

What are the benefits of being a Bridgepointe sales partner?

We do not aspire to be the biggest agency—instead we focus on providing our clients with customized and reliable services from a wide variety of suppliers. And we choose to partner with the industry’s top sales agents and support their growth through leadership and training programs, competitive commissions, and long-term stability.

Our sales partners receive:

  • The highest support staff-to-partner ratio in the industry
  • The most agent-protective agreements in the channel
  • Unrivaled sales and support teams
  • Real-time access to relevant and accurate information
  • A diverse supplier portfolio
  • Direct deposit of monthly commissions—on time, every time
How is Bridgepointe different?

Bridgepointe’s philosophy is founded on maintaining the highest professional standards in serving our clients with the highest level of quality and integrity. That translates into identifying the most dependable partnerships in all aspects of the business—both agents and suppliers.

What is a Master Agent?

A Master Agent is an agency that:

  • forms and signs supplier contracts
  • assists its sub-agents with pre- and post-sales support
  • consolidates commissions from multiple carriers into one monthly commission statement/payment
  • leverages its relationships to gain concessions from carriers on behalf of its agents

The result is better pricing, more efficiency, fewer individual sales quotas, and expanded selection and service.

How is Bridgepointe Different from other Master Agencies?

Not all Master Agencies are created equally.  Bridgepointe and its owners and managers take great pride in doing what is best for its Clients.  Our reputation is the most important thing to us.  Some Agencies believe that success results from bringing on more and more Agents to grow the company.  Bridgepointe believes that partnering with only the very best Agents and Suppliers in the business will enable us to serve our Clients with the highest level of quality and integrity.


How do I sign up to be an Sales Partner?

There should be a form on this page (look up and to the right).  Fill in the blanks and a BPT representative will be in touch.