By blending Telecom and IT Services into our portfolio, we make the process of analyzing, buying, implementing, and managing technology services easier.

Deep Vendor Partnerships. Trusted Client Agents.

Real people creating real solutions.

Bridgepointe Technologies is a Telecom Master Agency and a Technology Services Broker based in San Mateo, California and was founded in 2002 by telecom industry veterans Scott Evars and Brian Miller. Their vision was to combine an unbiased, vendor-agnostic approach with deep expertise across their service providers’ solutions. At Bridgepointe Technologies, we offer strong partnerships with more than 60 Solution providers across Cloud, data, hosting/colocation, voice, mobility, and collaboration. This allows our network of professional agents to leverage these partnerships to customize cost-effective and business-responsive solutions for their clients. By partnering with Bridgepointe Technologies, you get a single point of contact for all your technology infrastructure needs plus dedicated support at every step of the technology lifecycle – from discovery and sourcing to implementation and management. We serve as your trusted advocate and liaison in the technology infrastructure space. Ready to get started? Get in touch.

Company FAQs

Why should my business connect with Bridgepointe?

Bridgepointe agents act as a single point of contact to provide you with a solution (or choice of solutions) to your communication needs that simplify and streamline a complex—and crucial—business decision. Our sales partners are independent businesspeople with total accountability for your satisfaction and can guide your decisions in choosing, maintaining, and upgrading your tools and services, saving your company time, resources, and money.

Why is this important to my business?

Our insider expertise means that we are up-to-date on new innovations and can find the best supplier at the most cost-effective rate—so you don’t have to deal with paperwork, forms, and time-consuming research on your own.

How is Bridgepointe different?

Bridgepointe’s philosophy is founded on maintaining the highest professional standards in serving our clients with the highest level of quality and integrity. That translates into identifying the most dependable partnerships in all aspects of the business—both agents and suppliers.

What does Bridgepointe do?

Bridgepointe acts as a liaison between an individual business and more than 40 specialty companies that provide a range of Internet and telecommunications services. Because the field is so complex, Bridgepointe experts work directly with you to identify, design, and develop leading-edge solutions using tools, technologies, and services that can meet your current needs with the adaptability to accommodate additions or refinements in the future.

Do I pay a fee to use one of your Sales Partners?

Our Sales Partners will provide you with recommendations and pricing quotes free of charge. They earn a residual commission PAID BY THE SUPPLIERS that you choose for your services and equipment.  Even with the commission fees, because of our volume sales and great industry relationships, the cost to you is almost always still cheaper by using one of our agents rather than going to the supplier directly.

Some of our Sales Partners also provide fee-based consulting services for procurement of voice and data network services, and IT and telephone systems equipment.

Why should I work with Bridgepointe rather than dealing with a service provider directly?

Our Sales Partners provide you with an independent and unbiased recommendation that you cannot get from direct supplier sales representatives.  Additionally, with so many technology options out there, our agents act as a single point of contact to provide you with a solution (or choice of solutions) that enable you to save time and make great buying decisions. Our Sales Partners are independent business people with total accountability for your satisfaction.

How do I become a client?

If your ready to learn more about how Bridgepointe can help you, please give us a call or get in touch.