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Overcoming borders. Coming together as one.

We are increasingly living in a world without borders. Even if your employees are all in the same building, you likely have other important stakeholders – including customers, suppliers, and partners – outside your walls.

With collaboration solutions from Bridgepointe Technologies solution providers, you empower geographically-dispersed individuals to come together as one. And it all happens without the financial cost and lost productivity of traveling for face-to-face meeting. Click read more to get more information on our collaboration solutions:

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With an ecosystem of more than 40 solution providers, Bridgepointe Technologies is uniquely suited to facilitate all your audio and video collaboration needs.

  • Audio conferencing. Email strings and chat rooms have their place. But oftentimes it’s best to just get everyone on a call. Audio conferencing solutions from Bridgepointe Technologies make business communication instantaneous and productive.
  • Video conferencing. Whatever happened to impromptu meetings at the water cooler? Video conferencing enables your workers to regain the immediacy and human touch of face-to-face interaction without leaving their desks.

Bridgepointe has a Collaboration Specialist on Staff to help with all of your collaboration needs

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