By blending Telecom and IT Services into our portfolio, we make the process of analyzing, buying, implementing, and managing technology services easier.

Connectivity Solutions

Connecting your people – wherever they are.

Connectivity powers the information age. Whether you need basic Internet access or a flexible and secure network spanning across your multi-building campus or multi-state enterprise, Bridgepointe Technologies solutions providers build the connections between and among workers and external stakeholders through IP, WAN, and MAN.

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Boasting strong partnerships with more than 40 solution providers, Bridgepointe Technologies is ideally positioned to assist all businesses – from emerging companies to large multi-site enterprises. Here are some of the specialty technology solutions we can help you with.

  • Internet (IP). Offering high-speed access and robust management options, our IP solutions provide your business with the reliable connectivity you need to support mission-critical apps from email to e-commerce.
  • Wide Area Network (WAN). Fewer and fewer of today’s businesses are contained within a single location. A WAN empowers your workers, clients, buyers, and suppliers to collaborate across geographies.
  • Metropolitan Area Network (MAN). Collaboration can’t stop simply because your teammate is in another building. Built upon a stable and high-capacity foundation, your MAN knocks down walls between workers.
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