By blending Telecom and IT Services into our portfolio, we make the process of analyzing, buying, implementing, and managing technology services easier.

Voice Solutions

Business by voice– from simple handsets to call centers.

Despite our love affair with email, IM, and SMS, business is often still best done by voice.

Of course, not all voice solutions are built equally. A thoughtful solution customized for your business environment can deliver advantages around cost savings, productivity, geographic flexibility, disaster recovery, and more. Below is an introduction to our voice solutions, including Hosted VOIP, SIP Trunking, Primary Rate Interface (PRI):

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When it comes to voice solutions, you have plenty of options. At Bridgepointe Technologies, we devise custom solutions for your unique voice needs – from simple handset-to-handset calls to complex call center environments.

  • Hosted VOIP. Who needs traditional phone lines anyway? Hosted VOIP delivers central management and administration, remote worker access to critical applications, and of course secure transmission of voice traffic.
  • SIP Trunking. You’ve invested in an on-premise telecom environment. Now, get more from your investment by consolidating all your local and long distance calls plus broadband Internet services onto a single, responsive line.
  • Primary Rate Interface (PRI). Deploying an individual line for each worker might have made sense when you were starting up. As you scale, PRI enables you to leverage your size toward cost savings on voice.


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